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Leading - Body Solder

Lead-based solder for better adhesion,
longer durability, than plastic fillers

Soldering Tallow 1 lb
More Stock Soon
Brand: Eastwood Model: 31016
 Clean, efficient method for lubricating solder paddles. Just flash your torch tip in the tallow tin and put your solder paddle in the melted tallow. Keeps lead from sticking to the paddle...
Eastwood Lead Body Soldering Diffuser Tip
Due Late February
Brand: Eastwood Model: 50553
Diffuser Tip turns your torch into a soft-flame soldering gunSlip this tip over your existing oxy-acetylene tip and you can use acetylene (only) to produce a soft flame that's perfect for soldering.Saves gas and money1/4"-I.D. rubber hoseSave gas and money by using this soldering diffuser tip on the..
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