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Martin Dollies and Picks

A range of Panel Beating Dollies and Picks

Brand: Martin Tools USA Model: 1000PK
These high-quality body picks from Martin Tool and Forge are available in a variety of lengths, weights, and head designs--including curved, pointed, and chisel. They'll enable you to achieve the twisting and prying action you need for each auto body project. To repair automotive dents, tradesmen an..
Brand: Martin Tools USA Model: 1059
These high-quality metalworking dolly blocks manufactured by Martin Tool & Forge are hand-ground and polished to the perfect shapes for various bodywork surfaces. Balanced for ease of use, the dollies are designed to effectively spread hammer blows. Martin Tool & Forge dollies have a limited..
Brand: Martin Tools USA Model: 1060
2-7/8" x 2-3/8" x 2-1/4" General Purpose Dolly by Martin Sprocket®. Provides convenient and comfortable hand hold during heaviest blows. Weight, balance and several differently crowned working faces, together with two beading and flange lips, give this dolly broad general use.Specifications:Size..
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