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Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol

Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol
Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol
Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol
Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol
Eastwood Spray Gray Paint Aerosol

Spray Gray matches original equipment with the look of fresh cast iron.

  • Renew cast iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more
  • Acrylic lacquer
  • Natural low 4% to 15% gloss
  • Protects from corrosion

Spray Gray Detail Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of cast iron parts on your car. Protected up to 300 degrees F by this paint, metal parts on your car will keep that brand new look for a long time. Available in aerosol and quarts. One aerosol covers 6 sq.ft., acrylic lacquer, natural low 4-15% gloss. Great on cast iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more.

  • Matte finish of 4-15% Gloss
  • Acrylic Lacquer
  • Heat resistant up to 300 Degrees F
  • Covers approximately 6 sq. ft.

If I powder coat a Chevy truck hood emblem with chrome powder can I then paint the red and blue lettering with enamel paint with a small brush

Yes, this would not be an issue.

               Would chrome need to be removed from part or can power coat go over chrome?  

Powder coat can be applied directly over chrome.

                Is it possible to powdercoat plastic?

If by some chance the plastic could withstand 400F you could technically hot flock the part. We have not seen any plastics though that can withstand 400F to cure the powder.


               I know car have intake and other hard plastics power coated. Can this be used on that as well as metal?

You can powder coat anything that you like; as long as the piece you are attempting to powder coat can withstand the temperature you need to bake the piece at to cure the powder (typically 400F).

               Can you use a heat gun

A heat gun cannot be used to cure powder.

              can I use infrared lamps instead of an oven for larger parts?  Does the temperature with a lamp have to reach 400 degrees?

You can certainly use an Infared lamp to cure the parts. The lamp itself does not need to be 400 but the part you are curing does. So just position the lamp in such a way that the part can reach 400F. You may have to move the lamp a couple of times to cure the powder.

              Can I use powders from other suppliers, or will only Eastwoods powders work for hotcoat?

You will be able to use other companies powders with our guns

Hi, Can I power coat Aluminium. Thanks, Jerry

Yes, absolutely Aluminium can be powder coated. Just prep as always and if the part is cast aluminium, then the part must be "outgassed" Outgassing is performed before the powder coating process, by heating the part to 430 degrees for 35 to 45 min. then letting it cool and wiping the part with Acetone. now the part is ready for powder coating.

Hello, I have a new set of wheel still in the boxes ! don’t like the colour can i prep and re powder over without striping them and will it bond ?

These wheels can be top-coated with the powder of your choice. The wheels will need to be wiped down with acetone prior to powder coating. Hot flocking will be the best method for applying the powder to the wheels. This is done by preheating the wheel to about 300° then applying the powder and then putting the wheel back in the oven. Once the wheel reaches 400° then set the timer for 20 minutes, and bake for the full 20 minutes.

Just purchased the dual volt gun and was wondering if the switch light should light up at any time. Powder is coating but doesn't seem to be drawn to the part.

The switch on the transformer unit will not light up. If your powder is not being drawn to your part, check your psi going into the gun, you will need no more than 10psi, usually between 5 & 10 psi is where you want to set the air pressure at. Also, check the current from the electrode from the gun to the part that your powder coating to make sure you have a good ground.

Is the front switch supposed to illuminate? The video doesn't show it lit. How do I know the power is working?

The switch is merely just a switch and does not illuminate. You can determine the gun is working by doing a simple test. hold the tip of the gun as close as you can to the ground clamp (without actually touching it) then press the gray charge button. It should jump an arc for you.

Hi Can you powder coat on Stainless steel?

You can powder coat anything that is able to withstand the temperature required to cure the powder at (usually around 400F).

Why do I have to keep shaking the gun while spraying? Like I am running out of powder.

If your powder has a lot of moisture in it this can cause the powder to not want to fluidize as it should in the bottle.

Can you powder coat brass like brass fittings such as tee's etc.? If so, how do you prep it?

Anything that can withstand 400F can be powder coated. Prep would be the same for brass as any other metal. Just clean thoroughly with a degreaser.

I noticed in the barrel of the gun I have a lot of powder accumulation.  When I point it down after using it, a good bit falls out.  Is the air pressure too low?  (this kit has been tons of fun.... I wish I'd gotten one earlier)

This accumulation of powder is generally caused by having too much powder in the bottle during use. You want to run 1/3 or less of the bottle full of powder. This allows the powder to fluidize properly so you do not have so much come out at a shot.

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