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Brand: Eastwood Model: 30535
The Eastwood Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge/Inflator is engineered and built to provide rugged reliability with a high degree of accuracy. Precise pressure readout in increments of 0.1 deliver the close tolerances required in a racing application. The full rubber encapsulation provides shock proof prot..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 31223
The Eastwood Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is compact, rugged and easy to use. This infrared thermometer safely measures the surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach objects without contact. Simply aim and push the button to read instantaneous temperatures in less than a second.Te..
Brand: GAV Air Technology - Italy Model: 60FD
Digital Tyre Gauge from GAV in ItalyUnits of measure PSI, BAR, Kpa, Kg/cm2Max operating pressure  0-10 BAR ( 0 psi - 145 psi )Extras Solar Charging Panel - Depth Ruler for Tyre TreadCountry of Manufacture Italy..
Brand: GAV Air Technology - Italy Model: 60DD-2
Digital Tyre Inflator from GAV in ItalyUnits of measure PSI, BAR, Kpa, Kg/cm2Max operating pressure  0.2-12 BAR ( 2.9 psi - 175 psi )Length of hose 500 mmOperating Temp  -20  to  +50 degrees CAir Fitting ARO210 styleCountry of Manufacture Italy ..
Brand: GAV Air Technology - Italy Model: 60F-3
GAV Analogue Tyre Pressure Gauge from ItalyGuage Dia. 63 mmMax Pressure 0 - 12 Bar (0 - 175 psi )Hose Length 300 mmCountry of manufacture Italy..
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