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Motor Guard USA

Brand: Motor Guard USA Model: AP-52
Motor Guard Rigid + Flexible PSA Sanding Blocks Set of 6 Sizes Motor Guard has developed four new Super-Rigid Big Block models for fast and aggressive blocking of Aluminum or Steel. Engineered from super-dense yet light-weight materials, these new sanding blocks provide just the right amou..
NZ$99.95 NZ$114.95
Brand: Motor Guard USA Model: BGR6K-1
Rigid sanding block designed for fast and aggressive blockingSize: 2-5/8-Inch x 5.5"-InchUltra-fast, super rigid block with finger recesses for a firm, powerful gripFor aggressive, two-handed blocking, this rigid sanding block is unequaledVelcro / Hook and Loop  AbrasivesMade in USA..
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