Remove scratches and haze from even older windshields and you'll avoid expensive replacements

Think that old windshield is so scratched that you'll have to replace it? It's not easy to find a replacement, and even if you do, imagine the expense!

Our Pro Glass Polishing Kit will remove scratches from glass and prevent that aggravation and cost!

Removes light scratches and clears years of wiper haze •Ideal for hard-to-replace windshields on older cars •Works with your drill or low-speed polisher


About Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

This professional glass polishing kit can be used to fix scratched glass and clear away years of dings and wiper haze from your windshield, and save you hundreds of dollars in potential replacement costs. Ideal for older cars with hard-to-replace windshields.

Try this test: run you fingernail over the scratched area on your windshield. If your nail doesn’t "catch", this kit will work fine, but if your nail does "catch", you'll want to try our 12526 Pro Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches.

Mark the area, wet the surface and apply the Diamond Fast Powder compound. Attach the polishing buff (included) to your drill or low-speed polisher (1,500 rpm) and start polishing! Contents Diamond Fast Powder (1/2 lb.), 3"-dia. felt polishing buff, 3"-dia. hook-it backing pad, 1/4"-drive spindle adapter, instructions.

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Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

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