Plugweld Pliers makes it easier to use your MIG welder for plugging small holes in metal

Plugweld Pliers clamps and supports the weld area, compressing the panels for tight plug welding.

  • Copper pad eliminates problem of burn-thru
  • Weld won't stick to copper pad
  • "U"-shaped jaw put pressure all around the spot to be welded
  • Locks in place like a locking pliers

Plug welds are often easier to produce and stronger than spot welds, so many body panels can be attached this way. The copper-alloy swivel back pad eliminates the problem of burn-thru because it absorbs excess heat; also, the weld will not stick to the copper pad. "U"-shaped movable jaw provides even clamping pressure around the spot to be welded.


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Eastwood Plugweld Pliers

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