• Martin Tools - The Key to Metal Bumping

This book, entitled “The Key to Metal Bumping,” (3rd Edition) is an excellent instruction manual that provides authoritative reference for techniques and methods for all phases of body and fender work.

It is 126 pages and covers most approaches to body repair problems.

Visual assistance is rendered by more than 100 illustrations.

It includes explanations of many time-saving short-cut methods to make the job easier and better.

Among other features is a glossary of terms used in the trade.

1. What is a Damaged Panel?
2. Methods of Repair
3. Analysis
4. Making the Analysis 5. Origin of Body and Fender Repair Tools
7. Metal-Bumping Procedure
8. Metal-Finishing Tools and How to Use Them
9. Metal-Finishing Procedure
10. Alignment
11. Frame-Straightening and Panel Repair
12. Shrinking
13. Torch Soldering
14. Welding
15. A Chapter for Beginners
16.Hints, Short Cuts, Time Saving Tricks
17. Body and Fender Repair Tools

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Martin Tools - The Key to Metal Bumping

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