• Eastwood Wrinkle Paint Black Aerosol 12 oz

Reproduce factory wrinkle finishes with just 2 coats

Eastwood's Black Wrinkle-Finish Paint reproduces the original wrinkle finish found on a variety of car parts.

  • Heater boxes, metal dashboards, ignition wire holders, valve covers, etc.
  • Apply just 2 heavy coats
  • Wrinkles develop within 12 hour

Black Wrinkle-Finish Paint becomes tack-free in 20-30 minutes, and fully hardens in 24 hours. Primer not required. Phenolic tung oil alkyd resin. For use on metal only. Withstands up to 200 degreesF. Each 12-oz. aerosol can covers 4 sq. ft.


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Eastwood Wrinkle Paint Black Aerosol 12 oz

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