• Glyptal Red Brush On 1 qt

Multi-Purpose Glyptal® Red Enamel seals uneven surfaces in engine castings to improve oil circulation

Glyptal 1201 seals the rough interior castings of engine blocks to help prevent engine damage. Sealing the tiny pores left in metal after bead blasting leaves the engine block interior smooth and clean, and that helps keep oil clean and flowing freely.

•Acid- and oil-resistant
•Also resists moisture, heat dust, salt spray
•Anti-corrosion protection

Recommended by many high-performance-engine rebuilding books, Glyptal enamel seals the tiny pores left in metal castings, leaving the engine block interiors smooth and clean. Helps keep oil clean and flowing freely.

Although Glyptal 1201 was originally developed as an insulating paint for electrical applications, its outstanding resistance to corrosion, moisture, oil, acid, heat, dust and salt spray has made it popular as a primer, sealer, adhesive and protective finish. Used on generator and alternator armatures, Glyptal has great electrical insulating properties too. May be thinned for spray applications. Maximum temperature 250 degreesF. Dries tack-free in 2 hours.

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Glyptal Red Brush On 1 qt

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